There is no reason why friendships and love should not coexist…

Blue Story

Looking at the type of story that Blue Story tells, you will find many people who relate in one way or another from having friends turn on you to experiencing loss that changes your life in ways you could have never imagined.

As people before we can blame the world for certain situations we can choose to avoid, we need to remember that there are consequences for our actions, and this story tells this very well, in showing us that if we choose a life that we know very well is full of death and many other very bad results, we must not expect anything different from that life.

Growing up in the township and experiencing almost a similar kind of violence, I found this film relatable and told a story that we grew up being warned about, and that crime does not pay. The most touching part of this film is the fact that one of the lives ruined in the actions of this film was not ruined by a stranger, but by blood family, and that is one of the most heartbreaking parts is that sometimes our brothers who should be taking care of us, end up being the ones that send us the wrong direction.

When looking at the other side of this film, but not completely looking away from the violence you realize how short life can be, especially when there is something or someone good in your life, the story we get here is that we should give our all when we have something good in our lives.

For a straight forward story, this film has many different lessons to teach and those willing to learn will definitely learn, and for me especially it made me rethink the concept of friendship… what is true friendship if we will let strangers turn us against our friends.

Blue Story is simple yet captivating, we are dealing with a character that knows that they are wrong, but because of the influence from the brother proving himself clouds all kinds of good judgment, and a character that cares no more about living because he lost twice at the same time (the woman he loved and a friend he considered a brother).

Blue Story3



Blue Story4

Rapman said that he was telling us his childhood story growing up in gang infested areas that made him think hard about which direction he should take in life to make sure that he comes out on the right side of history.

Speaking about his style of telling this story as it incorporates music in it in a way that does not really make it a musical, but a story that has the core message embedded in music he said its has always been his way of telling stories through music, and when the producers wanted the raps in the film he saw it as an opportunity to introduce a method never used in telling stories on such platforms.

We touched a bit on the role music played in his life growing up, and he said that music was everything to him, it made him the Rapman we know today, and it was easy to incorporate into this film.

Blue Story5

After watching this film with some of the members of the media back here in South Africa they said subtitles might have made it better to understand the dialect and follow the story easier, though for me it was not that hard to follow the story I asked if subtitles might have taken away from the true essence of the story, and he said that he understands that people from certain parts of the world may not fully understand their dialect, but subtitles would have been a bit of a distraction because people might end trying to chase the subtitles and miss out on some key moments of the story, and that they made sure that people can be able to piece together parts of the dialect and understand where the story is going when they pair them together with the actions of the film.

When concluding I asked him what he would like people to take out of this story, and the answer was simple, there is no happy ending in the life of crime and gangs, people should learn to make better decisions when it comes to their lives.



Ntsiki Miya

Vantage Vu Magazine

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