Last Party Before Lockdown

On the Sunday of 15 March, the day was normal, though we knew about the CoronaVirus aka Covid-19; we were not in any kind of panic here in South Africa. Yes we were starting to avoid large gatherings, though the night before we had just witnessed the Mzansi Magic Viewers Choice Awards that happened at one of Johanneburg’s biggest venues.

On Sunday afternoon, we made our way to the East of Johannesburg, to a township called Tembisa. We were out to celebrate the new Grolsch 500ml beer can. Though this beer can is not available in stores yet around South Africa due to stock being quarantined till it is cleared to be shipped out around the country, I had the privilege of being invited by the brand to come witness the unveiling of this beer can and enjoy some amazing food and this great beer.

Just I said in my recent YouTube video, I feel like it is a “sibling” of Heineken. The crisp and smooth taste of this beer (Grolsch) leaves a sharp taste in your tongue. It is one of those beers that keep you engaged and intrigued.

I would suggest that when you get the time to get out of self isolation and go stock up on some supplies, consider adding the new 500ml Grolsch to your grocery and supplies list. Don’t forget to also check out my recent YouTube video about this event!

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