Pop Bottles School Of Events

Since Friday the 27th of March, class has been in session over at the Pop Bottles headquarters with
the launch of their ‘Pop Bottles School Of Events’ campaign. An initiative put together to support the
events and entertainment industry during the unprecedented times we are all facing. The impacts of
the coronavirus have been devastating and Pop Bottles wants us to come together to get through this
challenging time.

Through the School of Events, Pop Bottles hopes to uncover new talent and share the vast experience
their team and industry leaders have with the public. They’ll be exploring what goes into every creative
aspect of eventing and providing cheat codes to help you on your journey in the industry or just to
have some fun while in lockdown. So over the next 21 days, the public can expect to be schooled by
some of Africa’s finest entertainment specialists, sharing insights into what it takes to make events

Pop Bottles School Of Events will be covering a wide range of topics from graphics to photography and
even advertising. And because it’s certainly no ordinary class, things kicked off in a rather tasty way;
as they taught their followers a thing or two in cocktail making with expert advice from World Class
competition winner and brand ambassador for Diageo; Dom De Lorenzo. This soon sparked a
challenge that saw followers getting schooled from some of our all-time favourites such as Lasizwe,
Nadia Nakai and even DJ Speedsta.

It’s about to be an exciting curriculum at the School Of Events; DJ Dimplez, Founder and Managing
Director of Pop Bottles Entertainment said: “We’ve got a more topics lined up so followers can still
expect to hear from loads of other industry expertssuch as streetwear fashion game-changers; Butan,
photography master; Austin Malema”.
Who said a little schooling ever hurt anybody? With all the advice, tips and tricks that will be shared
during these 21 days, we’ll all have a good idea into what it takes to host killer events. Not only will
we be schooled, but we’ll also get to know a little bit more about the extended Pop Bottles family!

In the meantime, you too can get involved by following @Popbottles_ent on Instagram for all their
weekly topics, and if you feel you’ve got some knowledge to drop; don’t be afraid to join in the fun as
well and share some of your events hacks on Instagram using the hashtag #SchoolOfEvents.

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